The company is prepared for a door-to-door or terminal-terminal service with a simple but efficient logistics, in order to shipments arrive in the best conditions and safe with the tracking system, at competitive prices.
A network of partners, with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, works daily with the quality standards, satisfaction and resolution of the clients problems, giving an adjusted answer to each needs.

Portugalenses Transportes has 3 HUB’s : Grijó (Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto), Porto Alto (Samora, Lisbon) and Brescia (Italy). In these HUB’s it has storage space for the customers'  products, having integrated a system of picking and packaging that allows to collect, pack and send any number of articles to the desired destination. In the correspondent HUB’s it is possible to carry out the management and rotation of the shipments both in import / export, with solutions of storage, management, packaging, labeling and stockage.